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Up Your Geek
14th, October

Up Your Geek

Siphon Coffee Brew Guide

Siphon brew method is one of the best methods to brew specialty coffee and makes a unique full bodied taste for coffee. While it may look daunting making your daily cup of Joe with equipment that reminds you of your school chemistry lab its actually not that difficult and takes shorter time than pour over coffee. So lets dig in.

Ratios: 20 g of medium filtered coffee and 300ml of hot water.

Total brew time: 2.5 min

What you'll need:

Siphon set

    Step 1 - Heat the water

    Heat the water beforehand in an electric kettle for a quicker brew time. Add the hot water to the siphon bottom component or "bulb" and turn the burner on.

    Step 2 - Snap on the filter

    drop the filter into the bottom of your siphon top component or "hopper" and make sure the hook is snug at the bottom of the tube. Then affix the hopper to the bulb and wait for the hot water to rise to the top. Note: Make sure that the cloth filter is washed or drained before use.

    Step 3 - Add the grind

    Once the hot water is at the top add the coffee grind that you have prepared and submerge it with the bamboo paddle until all the coffee grind is wet.

    Step 4 - Let it brew

    Now set the timer for 1 min 10 seconds for the coffee to brew. Once the time is up turn off the burner and use the bamboo paddle to stir the mix 10 - 12 times.

    Step 5 - Down it goes

    Now the coffee will flow downwards because of the difference in temperatures let it drain. Once it starts bubbling in the bulb its your cue to remove the hopper from the bulb. That is it! You just made a well balanced cup of coffee using the siphon brewing equipment. Let it cool for few min for ultimate tasting experience.

    Note: You'll know that you did a good job if the ground that is left at the bottom of the hopper is shaped like half a ball or a hat and all the coffee is drained. If you choose much finer grind or if you don't stir the coffee enough you might see a flatter grind surface and some of the coffee won't drain. Also the siphon equipment can get quite hot and fragile, so handle it with care.

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