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Our grandfather, "Baba", had life story full of influence and wisdom that inspired Baba Seed Coffee.

From selling music records in the 1962 civil war of Yemen to founding the first power generation company in the country, Baba was always ahead of his time. He hosted one of the most influential gather spots for politicians, writers, and poets to exchange ideas– with qishr fueling the conversations.

Even with his busy life, this father of 11 always made time for his family and to enjoy the simplest pleasures in life like a cup of perfectly brewed coffee or qishr. Baba is our inspiration for making the best out what we love in life.

Coffee is an agent of change

Coffee can be an agent for positive change which is why we help support communities in coffee-producing countries with our commitment to building strong relationships with farmers, paying fair prices, and operating a sustainable and transparent supply chain. Quality and care in all parts of the production process is what produces a coffee with real impact that you can feel good about drinking - and that's what we stand behind.