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Cascara Variety Pack (12 cans)
Cascara Variety Pack (12 cans)
cascara, coconut, ginger, mixed berries
12 Pack


Grab a variety pack and get an even split of each cascara flavored greatness: 4x Ginger, Mixed Berries & Coconut.

Our premium, all-natural cascara is made from the husks of the coffee fruit or berry. The result is a sweet, aromatic and unique flavor.

Cascara is the dried husk that surrounds the coffee bean. This fascinating fruit is loaded with antioxidants and holds slightly sweet floral tea-like notes

Note: The min order is for 1 case which comprises 12 cans of 350ml. This product includes the following:

- 4 cans of Cascara with conconut flavor

- 4 cans of Cascara with ginger flavor

- 4 cans of Cascara with mixed berries flavor

Product best served cold 🥶

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